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About The Author

Hi, I am Churchill Ajusah, an online marketer helping people to harness their potential for success.

I am also an Asst. Director with Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC) and my take home hardly takes me home. Bills were piling up and I got thinking.

Prior to this time, I have heard the new narrative that digital marketing also known as online marketing is the new oil and you probably have heard that being said at different times and in different occasions.

I started trying various ways to make money online.

The problem was - they were not making me money!

I was really frustrated.

I wanted something that will really make me money

I then realised that I needed the right training and mentors. I registered for the 72IG Program and took another course from another of my mentor, Frank Kern.

The narrative changed for me after these trainings and today I don’t know when salary is paid.


Majority of people see internet marketers as terrible people. This is because of how so many of us in internet marketing present the business as a way of making money with little or no work.

It is very easy for anyone with this kind of mindset to quit as soon as they begin to face challenges or get stuck.

Have it at the back of your mind that it is not going to be easy. While some are fast starters, others are slow starters. Some persons can begin to make sales and money within a very short period while others will take a little longer before they begin to see results. So, be ready and committed to do the work. I am not saying this to scare you but for you to have the right mindset necessary for success.

Ultimately, the internet marketing mindset of making money with little or no work will lose; as such you need to think like a billionaire instead. This might sound funny or over ambitious but the fact is, billionaires think about multiplying money through leveraging assets.


They don't think about promotions, a shortcut or an easy button to make money. Their thinking is based on multiplying money through leveraging assets. For example, they leverage on public quoted companies by investing in stocks and grow their revenue annually.

As an internet marketer, you think like them by creating and leveraging cash producing assets. These are:

Product and Marketing System: This is what you are selling ie the product or service while the marketing system is the ads (free or paid), the emails/WhatsApp messages that you send to your traffic and the automated system that converts the traffic into initial revenue.


The Email/WhatsApp List: You use the first cash producing asset to create a second cash producing asset, the list. Each email address or WhatsApp phone number can be likened to a little rental property that you buy and get monthly rent on, because you can still contact them and market to them.

Automated Systems and Campaigns: Your leads (those that have shown interest in your business in one way or the other, especially by giving you their details) will continue to receive value from your automated systems and campaigns, thereby strengthening your brand and generating additional income through the sales of more products.

Developing this kind of mindset will enable you to do the work involved and be patient to wait for the result


There are so many ways to quickly and legitimately make money online, but here are 5 proven ways that even newbies are using to legitimately make money online.

It is important you understand that none of these ways will generate money for you overnight. You’ll need to learn new skills; implement the things you learn and invest a few naira to succeed.

5 Proven Ways

1. AFFILIATE MARKETING: You probably have heard about it before or not. Affiliate marketing is a business model in which you promote a merchant’s goods or services and get paid a commission when a sale is made. You sign up as an affiliate with a company that offers affiliate programmes and promote any of their products. When you make a sale of any product, you get paid a commission. The beauty of this is that you don't own any products or manage employees.

Let’s look at affiliate marketing in this way to facilitate your understanding: There are times you go to the market and while looking around for what you came to buy, a guy approaches you to ask what you want to buy. He tells you that he has what you are looking for and takes you to a shop which may or may not be his own. You get there and eventually makes a purchase and the guy who in actual sense was just a middleman gets paid a commission.

That’s affiliate marketing simply put, the difference being that you won’t run around in the market but do all your work online.

So as an affiliate, you make money from your commissions you earn without even having your own product or service. This you can do from the comfort of your home, office or relaxation spot from anywhere in the world. With the right skills and knowledge, all you need is an internet-connected device to make money from anywhere working as a middleman for other people’s products and services.

You can work as an affiliate either for digital products or services:

i. Digital Products: Digital products are information packaged in form of videos, audios, ebooks and reports etc and are marketed and sold as soft copies. As such, the products are delivered in soft copies online and not physically. 

To get started marketing digital products, look for a company that has an affiliate platform and register. A good company I can recommend for you is Expertnaire and that is the company I registered with. This ordinarily cost N10,000 for a year, but you can get one-year FREE registration if you register for their 72IG Programme. The programme is an online video tutorial with some PDF materials that will equip you with all the relevant skills necessary for you to succeed as an affiliate. Click here to watch a FREE preview video that will explain everything about the programme to you.

Take a look at some of the things you will learn from the Programme:

  • How to do market research to determine what people want.
  • How to find products that people want based on your market research.
  • How to create a selling mechanism ie a way to tell other people that you have something of value that is convincing enough for people to pay you
  • How to generate quality traffic (Free and paid) from social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, twitter etc)
  • Websites and graphic designs
  • How to build a relationship with that traffic, so they can get to know you, like you, trust you and eventually buy from you.
  • How to test and tweak every part of your campaign to determine what works and what doesn’t so you can maximize sales at every point.

You do not need a laptop or website to get started after the training. All you need to start is your smartphone and internet connection but as you progress, you might need them to scale up your business. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED

ii. Service Affiliate Programmes: Many companies that render services have affiliate programmes that you can sign up for. If you are a regular user of mobile app of most banks, you will find “refer a customer” somewhere in the app. This is affiliate programme and you will earn commission if you sign up and refer a customer to open an account with them. The same thing goes for a lot of other companies. If you check the bottom links of most sites, you will find out that they have affiliate programs that you can sign up for and market their services.

It might surprise you to know that you can make money from Sports Betting without placing a bet. This you can do through their affiliate programmes. All it takes is for you to sign up as an affiliate, market their services and if anyone registers with them through you, you are paid a commission.

If you want to market 1Xbet as an affiliate for example, you could create an article where you highlight the services of 1Xbet and why it is the best sports betting platform for people to use.

Thereafter, you drive traffic to the article with your affiliate link in it.

If your article is convincing, you will get a good number of sign ups and make commissions for life on those users.

My friend, Gbenga Akintunde has been making thousands of naira with this cash producing asset and he has made a video where he explained everything step by step. The goodnews is that the video is FREE though for a limited time because he is considering pulling it down and put a price to it any moment from now. To watch the free video while it is still available, click here.


You can create passive income or build an exciting career with affiliate marketing. The start-up capital is low and you don’t need an office or a shop to get started. So, if you are looking to be your own boss or you just want to make passive money as a plan B; you may wish to go into affiliate marketing.


Information products are well researched information put together in any of the following tools: Audio or Video Recordings, Ebooks, Reports and Manuals etc; for the purpose of passing the knowledge to others

Selling of information is a BIG money-making enterprise that won’t slow down anytime soon.

This is because things keep getting complex in the world and people are going to need help with figuring out a lot of things. The demand therefore, for good and helpful information will keep rising and thus create a huge opportunity for anyone ready to key in.

One interesting thing about the whole thing is that schools can't keep up. Now tell me, which University course will teach you how to advertise on Facebook or migrate to a foreign country like Canada? These are just 2 examples of limitless information topics that sell like crazy on the internet.

The concept of monetizing your knowledge is simply a process where you convert your cash producing asset which is your knowledge, to money. This you can easily do by packaging your knowledge into information products and market them online.


  • Extremely Profitable: Information products are incredibly easy and inexpensive to produce. You spend less and gain more in terms of capital. After production, you save the soft copy and keep one or two hard copies that you can duplicate when you receive an order for a hard copy. With e-transaction, you can send soft copies to your customers at little or no cost. The cost of production may be low but the true value of your product is the information it contains.
  • Perfect Vehicle for Delivering Life-Changing Use-It now information: Your quality information can help to change people’s fortune. A lot of people are dying in ignorance and some have resigned to fate, not knowing what to do that would earn them a living. If your information helps them to overcome this, they will remain ever grateful to you.
  • Can be Updated Easily: Things keep changing everyday as a result of new inventions. So, if you notice any new invention to improve the quality of your information product you could easily update it. Take for example if your information is packaged in a manual, all you need do is to add the few new information you have and come out with a new manual. This will not cost as much.
  • Can Be Marketed Even Before They Exist: If you have an idea, you can advertise it to know if people would be interested even before you start writing your manual.
  • Don’t Require You to Build Inventory: One exciting thing about this business opportunity is that it does not require lot of money to start and it can be run from right inside your room, face-me-I-face apartment, without inconveniencing any of your neighbours. You don’t need to rent an office apartment and equip it with office furniture or hire staff. You sit down in your house and write or record your product.
  • Often Purchased in Multiple-Report Bundles: If you have more than one information product, people can request to buy two or three of the products at the same time. You could offer discounts for such multiple purchase.
  • Can Be Used to Market Other Special Reports: If you have several reports, you can offer one or two of them as a bait to sell the third one. In other words, you can pass information about the third product to those who buy the other two products by including the details of the third product in the package they ordered, so that when they receive the order, and still feels good about what was purchased, they would take a favorable look at the new product.
  • Can Be Done on Part Time: If you are presently working (either as an employee or self-employed), you don’t have to quit your job. You can operate after working hours or when you are not very busy in the office.

Making money from selling information involves 3 basic steps:

(1) Decide on a topic that people will buy

(2) Package or create the information into a product

(3) Create a System to market the information product

If your interest is in information marketing, a very good training I can recommend for you is Daily Info Products Sales System by Czar Nnamani.

It is a high-quality program that will take you through the 3 basic steps listed above and lots more. The program has lots of testimonials from students.

To see the testimonials and get started, click here.

3. DROPSHIPPING: The global online shopping market size nearly hit 4 trillion in 2020 due to the rapid growth of online shopping.

Statistical report by Statista shows that online shoppers increased from 209 million in 2016 to 230 million in 2021.

This shows that online shopping is a global trend and people are making brisk business from it.

The question NOW is how do you get your own fair share of this global ecommerce trend? One answer to this is dropshipping.


Dropshipping is an ecommerce business model that allows online store owners to sell directly to consumers without stocking any inventory and when a customer purchases a product from a dropshipping online store, a third-party supplier ships it directly to them. The customer pays the retail price set by you and you pay the suppliers’ wholesale price. The rest is your profit. You never have to handle products or invest in inventory.

The retail store manager has nothing to do with shipping and order fulfilment. He doesn’t have to stock products, order inventory in bulk or physically fulfil the orders in any way. It is the dropshipping supplier that will ship products on his behalf.

This is a great business model for entrepreneurs because running an online store does not demand as much operational capital like traditional retail model. Opening a brick-and-mortar shop or hiring employees is not required. Neither do you have to pay overhead or stock products. You just open an online storefront and buy wholesale from suppliers that have products.

In order to sell products, you just need to register an account with a supplier.

However, registering an account with a supplier and opening an online store is not enough to succeed in dropshipping business. So many persons go about dropshopping business the hard way and make little or no profit. The usual practice is to:

  • Set up a shop
  • Look for winning products
  • Run ads
  • Make sales with razor-thin profit margin.

This is the hard way and doing dropshipping in this way will only lead to frustration.

A new way to run a profitable dropshipping business even if you are a newbie and know little or nothing about online marketing, is to make use of a selling mechanism that will enable you to maximize sales and profit.

To discover this selling mechanism, I recommend the profit blueprint titled: Ecom Goldmine by Abdul-qawiyy Hammed.

It might surprise you to know that Abdul-Qawiyy used to be a shoe cobbler in the ancient town of Ibadan. Since he started ecommerce, he has grown his ecommerce business to making over N10m a year with it. A lot of entrepreneurs are currently under his mentorship. You will find loads of testimonials in his preview video about the selling mechanism.

Click here to watch the video for FREE


Anyone can publish an eBook and make money on Amazon with the Kindle store, with or without any writing skills or experience.

In 5 simple steps, your book will be on sale on Amzon

Step 1: Create a KDP account on Amazon for FREE

Step 2: Create a Payoneer account for FREE

Step 3: Do your book research on Amazon

Step 4: Create your book using FREE writing tools. Note that I used the word create and not write. This is because you won’t do the writing but use available materials online to put your book together with the writing tools. That is why you don’t need any writing skills for this business.

Step 5: Publish your book.

One major high point of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is that you won’t be spending money on adverts rather your book will be displayed on Kindle Store. Visitors to the store will see your books and buy if they like it.

Amazon is the ultimate selling machine (and remember, people are looking to spend) and when people start to buy any given book, Amazon exposes such books to more people. By so doing, the book owner gets more sales and this can continue for years.

It therefore follows that once you've invested the time (say 20 hours) to create and publish your ebook, you'll earn a passive income for years to come!

Anytime any of your book is sold, Amazon will pay you royalties in dollars through your Payoneer account. So, you will do your work from the comfort of your home or office in Nigeria or anywhere you are in the world and get paid in US Dollars.

This is a proven dollar cash producing asset income opportunity. A lot of people are already benefiting from this lucrative idea.

No ads or website needed

No capital needed.

No experience needed.

And you can make anything between $1000 - $3000 a month if you do the work

To get the full details about this opportunity, click here before it is late.


The word blog is a shortened form for weblog. Weblogs originally allowed early internet users to "log" the details of their day’s activities in diary-style entries.

Many entrepreneurs saw marketing potential in having a blog and this led to the adoption of blogging among the business community. This adoption helped to further increase the popularity of blogging. In addition to the use of a blog to market a business, blogs can also become a home business in and of itself.

Blogging simply involves obtaining a website and publishing original content on it. The content of a blog usually includes text, pictures, videos, animated GIFs as well as scans from old physical offline diaries or journals and other hard copy documents.

It enables you to maintain communication with your customers. Blog posts serves to keep your customers and clients up-to-date on what's going on as well as let them know about new deals in addition to providing tips for them. If you post useful content frequently, customers will visit your blog on a regular basis, and will be more likely to spend money.

Furthermore, blogging affords you the opportunity to build rapport with customers. A blog allows you to show off what you know thereby building your expertise and credibility and at the same time allow people to also post comments and interact with you. As a result, customers get to know you, and hopefully develop relationships that leads to purchases.

Blogs are a very good means to generate alternative income.  Along with your products or services, blogs can generate income from alternative sources such as advertising and affiliate products.

Businesses can therefore, use blogs to drive customers to their website, increase SEO performance, and/or generate alternative streams of income.

You probably have heard of the likes of Linda Ikeji, Jide Ogunsanya, Noble Igwe, Uche Eze, Chude Jideonwo and a whole lot of other Nigerian bloggers. Reports have it that, successful Nigerian bloggers make between $1,000 - $3,000 in a month.


Blogging helps you to:

  • Manage your online identity and build trust
  • Connect with new people
  • Get proclaimed as an expert
  • Learn new things
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Get technical knowledge
  • Get invited to speak
  • Become an author
  • Receive job offers

If you’re ready to take the leap and learn how to start a blog that can grow into a source of real online income, then click here


Now that you know, you have two options before you

1. You can search and research and find free articles, videos etc about making money online from various people and risk your money and time on their information.



2. Do what other successful online entrepreneurs did, which is to find a credible person who has gone through the process and pay him to teach you.

Either way, you will get results.

While option 1 will only make you to go round and round in circles and take you back to square one, and probably lose some money in the process; option 2 will teach you all the requisite skills to successfully make money online.

The choice is yours, but if you prefer the second option like me...

Then, chose any of the 5 proven cash producing assets and get started

Bonus Offer

Register for any of the above cash producing asset and send a screenshot of your payment receipt to me on 09053039949 by WhatsApp to get a free ebook as bonus from me.

The ebook is titled: How To Convert Leads To Customers

Here is what you will get inside the ebook:

  • Getting the right traffic. Not just traffic for traffic's sake which is a waste of time... and money!
  • How to engineer conversion into everything you do online.
  • Understanding the Know-Like-Trust Process
  • How to be systematic and methodical regarding conversion

Time is our most valuable asset, yet we tend to waste it, kill it, spend it rather than invest it. Let others lead small lives but not you. Let others argue over small things but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hand, but not you. 

So, invest your time. Time is the best-kept secret of the rich. 

Do not procrastinate. Take ACTION today by choosing any of the opportunities above and get started

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